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Did you know? In the past 6 years, TASCA…

  • During the 2019 Tennessee Legislative Session, TASCA monitored several pieces of legislation including bills that addressed Certificate of Need reform, health insurance regulation, and transparency requirements related to balanced/surprise billing. 
  • Passed legislation to make adjustments to the claims data collection process by removing the language that allowed the Tennessee Hospital Association to have advanced access to the data. (HB 2827 in 2006)
  • Passed legislation that provides transparency in the managed care process by creating an online tool for providers.  Now ASCs can determine what the expected payment from the insurance plan will be on the day they see the patient as well as determine the patient’s payment responsibility.  The legislation also requires insurance companies to clearly identify policy manual changes with the use of fonts and typesetting so that changes are easily recognizable. (HB 1721 in 2009)
  • Passed legislation that added a member from the ASC industry to the Health Services and Development Agency Board which oversees the state’s CON Process.  Now ASCs have an active representative on this Board! (HB 2656 in 2010)
  • And just this past year, TASCA passed legislation that codifies the current DOH interpretation allowing endoscopy technicians to assist the physician in endoscopy centers. (HB 2652/ SB 2764 in 2012)


**Recently passed changes allow corporations to contribute to a political action committee.**

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