TASCA is Your Key to Legislative Advocacy!

Who is Working to Represent Your ASC in Nashville?

TASCA-PAC is the Tennessee ASC industry’s Political Action Committee dedicated to the education, election and retention of legislative officials who support our industry. Building relationships with elected officials is a critical part of protecting your ASC’s ability to operate. The support you provide to TASCA-PAC will help ensure that Tennessee’s legislators fully understand and appreciate ASC issues.

What Issues Affect ASCs?

Tennessee legislators consider hundreds of healthcare bills every year. A vast number of these bills seek to raise the cost of healthcare delivery by adding complex new requirements. New reporting requirements, new taxes, adjusted reimbursement schedules and changes to staffing are among the items considered every year. TASCA-PAC supports legislators making good decisions on these issues.

Will My Contribution Really Make a Difference?

In short, YES! With increasing frequency, political newcomers are running for office and quickly rising to positions of leadership. Without TASCA-PAC this means that legislators deciding issues of great importance to ASCs may not be familiar with our issues. Contributions to political campaigns have never had as great an impact as they do now!

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