TASCA's Legislative Program

TASCA maintains a full time lobbying team in Nashville to represent the interests of the ASC industry with the legislature and other regulatory bodies.  With this representation, TASCA is able to advocate on behalf of ASCs when issues arise whether it be at the State Board of Health or the Tennessee General Assembly.  TASCA notifies members of issues and calls action as needed throughout the year.

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Below are key pieces of legislation that TASCA monitored on behalf of ASCs in 2018.  

Requirements Aimed at Decreasing Controlled Substance Abuse

HB2004/SB2022 (Public Chapter no. 675) 
HB 2004/SB 2022 added requirements that facilities, including ASCs, provide information to employees about how to report suspected opioid abuse or diversion. To meet this requirement centers can post in a non-public area a sign for employees that directs them on how to report any suspected abuse or diversion of opioids to the TDH complaint intake line.

HB 1831/SB 2257 (Public Chapter no. 1039)
This piece of legislation aims to place more guidelines for and checkpoints between healthcare practitioners and patients before an individual is prescribed opioids. 

Additional Resources Regarding Opioids

The TN Governor's Office has created a website with more information about this effort “TN Together: Ending the Opioid Crisis” at https://www.tn.gov/opioids.  This site includes resources for health care professionals. 

Requirements for Out of Network Notice to Patients

HB 1935/SB1869 Public Chapter No. 840  The Bill addresses out-of-network payments and surprise billing. The legislation creates new requirements to patient notices by facilities.  The legislation impacts centers that are out of network and centers whose physicians are out of network. 


For quesetions or more information, contact TASCA Legislative Director:
Mike Bivens  
Phone:  (615) 300-5720  
Email:  [email protected]